• Jawad Allam
  • Luca Apadula
    Quantum Reference Frames for Lorentz Symmetry
  • Navdeep Arya
    Unruh effect via radiative atomic level shift inside a cavity
  • Luis C. Barbado
    Unruh effect and Hawking radiation for detectors in quantum superposition of trajectories
  • Alessio Belfiglio
    Geometric inflationary entanglement
  • Ofek Bengyat
    Unified Description and Local Corrections to Gravity Entanglement
  • Sara A. Butler
    Detection Model for Planck Mass Dark Matter Particles of Black Hole Density
  • Carlo Cepollaro
    Quantum generalisation of Einstein’s Equivalence Principle can be verified with entangled clocks as quantum reference frames
  • Huang Yu Che
    Quantum mechanical wavepackets of single relativistic particles
  • Kacper Dębski
  • Riccardo Falcone
    Observing single particles beyond the Rindler horizon
  • Joshua Foo
    Relativistic Bohmian trajectories of photons via weak measurements
  • Fabian Haneder
    Towards a Quantum Chaotic Dual of JT Gravity
  • Ladina Hausmann
    Measurement events in timeless quantum physics
  • Hao Jeng
    Photon addition using swift electrons
  • Hari K
    Unruh-DeWitt detectors in curved spacetime
  • Nikolaos K. Kollas
  • Frederic Lassiaille
    Updated relativity: long version
  • Dominic G. Lewis
    Bandlimited quantum field theory and the existence of continuous symmetries in lattice systems
  • Caroline Lima
    The limits of semiclassical gravity for quantum matter
  • Venkata Rishindra Melanathuru
  • Shigetora Miyashita
    Towards digital quantum simulation of quantum field theories in curved spacetime
  • Nikolija Momčilović
  • Dimitris Moustos
  • Everett A. Patterson
  • María R. Preciado Rivas
  • Sebastian Schuster
  • Raghvendra Singh
    Decoherence due to spacetime curvature
  • Charalampos Theofilis
    Geometry Transition in Spinfoams
  • Germain Tobar
    Mass-energy equivalence in gravitationally bound quantum states of the neutron
  • Jackson R. Yant
    Towards an Operational QFT model for Gravitational Entanglement
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